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english setter dogs for sale Tuesday, May 22, 2012 Started and Trained English Setters For Sale One of my dogs is from Northwoods Bird Dogs and I've sent my others there for training so I feel good about posting these dogs that are for sale. Belle is a pretty, 36 lb. orange and white English setter female with an even, dark orange mask. She is a veteran wild bird hunter with many, many hours afield. Her owner has hunter her on ruffed grouse, woodcock, pheasants, prairie chickens and sharp-tailed grouse.

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English Setter Dog Breed Information

English Setter English Setter Appearance The English Setter is a tall and lean dog, with a noble expression. They are elegant and athletic hunting dogs with the ability to run at good pace for long period of times. They have a long aristocratic head set on a muscular neck. The muzzle is long and square with defined stop. The eyes are large and nearly round. The ears are low set and hanging down. The tail is carried straight and level with top-line, tapering to a fine point The English Setter had a long, silky like and wavy coat with light feathering of long length or short length depending on the type and most prominently at the ears, tail, and legs.

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English setter dog

english setter dog Primary navigation English Setter Description: The English Setter is a beautiful, elegant, slim setter with a unique speckled coat. The long hair is flat, silky, and a bit wavy. The coat comes in white with black ("blue"), orange or, rarely, liver or lemon speckling. Some dogs are tricolor (black, white and tan). The head is long, with a pronounced stop. The muzzle is approximately half the total length of the head, and is fairly square with somewhat pendant flews.

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english setter colors English Setter Description: The English Setter is one of the oldest breeds of gun dogs and has been a treasured bird retriever for the last four hundred years, at least. English Setters are a large, graceful dog with a lively sprit who will have unconditional devotion to their whole family. They have beautiful flowing coats with a glossy, aristocratic touch. Their bodies are leanly muscled, all white and with heavy ticking.

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English setter club of canada

logo IRISH SETTER CLUB OF CANADA Winnipeg. MB is the place to be on August 7 and 8, 2009. It is the geographic centre of Canada and it is posed to become the centre of the universe at least in the Setter world. Our National Specialty will be held in conjunction with Manitoba Canine Association (MCA) All-Breed Show to be held August 6-9. This is a very special year as the English and Gordon Setter Specialties will be held at the same time.

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English setter club of america

A rescue dog. All of the dogs pictured on this page are former rescue dogs. The Irish Setter Rescue is a volunteer group of ISCA members who diligently work to find new homes for displaced Irish Setters. Additionally, they strive to educate the public about the breed. Rescue is all about making sure that we as Irish Setter fanciers do everything possible to take responsibility for the well being of all Irish Setters.

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English setter breeds

english setter breeds Features: Expectations: Club recognition: The English setter is one of the oldest gun dog breeds, with a history that traces back to the 14th century. Among its forebears are the Spanish pointer, French pointer and a variety of spaniels. The dog is a beautiful, elegant, slim, white setter with blue, lemon, orange or brown speckling. Some dogs may be tricolored: blue, white and brown. The hair is long, flat, silky and a little wavy.

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English setter breeders uk

brownquilt Home Follow me on Twitter  @SheilaMuckle  Like my author page on Facebook Just got electricity back after 46 hours- huge winds that blew our really heavy double gates open and knocked over a pine tree behind the house- luckily it missed the lounge window- dogs confined to house and kennels. No coffee, no hot water, no computer and no tv. aaagggghhhh. Blizzards outside as well. In about 2 weeks I will be giving a prize to someone selected form all those signed up for two free books at www.

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English setter breeders ontario

About Conquerer Golden Retrievers I have been involved in purebred dogs since 1992, starting out attending dog shows with local breeders & handlers whom were kind enough to let us sit in, to listen and learn. A special thanks to Allison Foley CPHA (handler & breeder), Colin Brownlee CPHA (handler & breeder), Val & Bob Jackson (Chartwell Goldens), Michelle Vinall (Ranchosierra Goldens & Pembroke Corgis), and Teddy McDowell (Camelot Cardigan Corgis, and Judge) for continuing to teach us and being truly great friends! Because of these early experiences, it has been my goal to produce Golden Retrievers that can do well in the show ring, or curl up on the couch with their family.

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English Setter Puppies For Sale In Pennsylvania

english setter breeders in pa Welcome to the “Pennsylvania English Setter Breeders” page of Local Puppy Breeders! If this is your first time visiting our site, every state page on LPB (that's shorthand for Local Puppy Breeders) has a complete list of every single local breeder that we have identified in that state. You will be able to find all their current contact information, as well as link to their website, so you can see what puppies they currently have available for sale.

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