Royal doulton english setter

royal doulton english setter

Doulton Fragrance Reviews


Wow. This one is in a class by itself. Radiance in a bottle. Action is right. kind of reminds me of J'Adore L'Absolu, but in a better way.

This is kind on the nose - mine and those around me aswell. Sillage about 3 feet. People will notice! And they will ask you what you're wearing.

I love the way this is so classy without being a Chypre at all. Mild, floral and powdery, very soft. With just the right amount of sweetness that gives one a beautiful classic aura.

I got RD about a week back and I absolutely love it. Cannot believe that I've not heard of this or worn this before! Truly an under-rated fragrance. A must try for classic perfume lovers!

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