Orange belton english setter

Show type English Setter ( Laverack )

LIFE SPAN -- Approximately 12 years

TEMPERAMENT -- Excellent family dog. Good with children and other pets. Not an excessive barker, but will bark at strangers and unusual noises, without being aggressive. Puppies are very active (but not off-the-wall) until about two years of age.

HEALTH -- Some cases of deafness and hip dysplasia do occur. The breeder you select should have a BAER test (verifies puppy's hearing), and an OFA hip x-ray of both parents (done at 2 years of age for congenital deformities).

EXERCISE REQUIREMENTS -- All breeds need exercise. A fenced yard is best. Walking around the block is great for everyone. You will love the feeling when people stop and stare at your dog and ask you about your breed. It's the best ice-breaker known to man in order to meet new people. Two English Setters playing together also provide great exercise for themselves, and are a joy to watch.

GROOMING -- Hair needs to be brushed once a week (minimum) in order to control shedding and matting. More brushing is required in the spring when the winter coat is being shed. Purchase a trimming shears and clippers from a pet store or pet catalog, and start trimming the excess hair on the head, neck, back, and paws. Leave the hair long on the backs of the legs, chest, belly, and tail. You can't hurt the hair; if you

cut off too much, it will always grow back. The puppy will fidget a bit at first--just patiently work with it. Soon the pup will quiet down and you will be an expert. The sooner you start grooming your puppy, the sooner it will get used to the process. Your breeder can help you with the grooming instructions. An excellent DVD on Grooming Your English Setter can be obtained from the Kettle Moraine English Setter Club. The web address is:

NEUTERING/SPAYING -- Can be done after 12 weeks. Check with your veterinarian.

MISCELLANEOUS -- People own English Setters for their beauty and temperament. This breed is part of the family and needs to be with the family, not tied to a doghouse outside. This breed was bred to bird hunt all day and sleep at your feet, as you read the paper, by the fireplace in the evening. A true companion for the human spirit!

MAJOR NEGATIVE REGARDING THIS BREED -- If allowed to sleep on the bed, this breed takes its half out of the middle!

FINAL NOTE -- Despite the best efforts of the best breeder, things go wrong. Puppies do develop physical problems. Your chances of obtaining a healthy animal, that will be with you for years, are better when working with a breeder. They know the history of the puppy you are interested in, and can answer your questions. Talk to several breeders until you feel satisfied. Shop!

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