Is it safe to fly my bulldog puppy?

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We are happy with Continental / United Pet Safe Program. They will fly bulldog puppies up to 20 lbs. Not all Continental / United Airplanes will handle bulldog puppies so it is always best to call them here. 1-800-822-2746

(Note there are additional charges when you take your puppy to the airport, so if the airline quotes you a cheaper price ask about fuel charges and additional fees that they don't tell you about when you book a flight.)

You can also track your puppies flight through their online

tracking website here:

We like to set up the flight here, it seems to be much easier for us and you to ensure the best possible flight for the puppies is booked. Estimated Cost for a 10 week old puppy to fly is $400- 450. (This is the flight and the kennel cost and insurance) Please feel free to call us if you have questions or concerns as to how we handle the flights and prepare the puppies for the flights. Please contact us by either 17853362563 or mobile # 17852940209

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