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Nursing and Weaning

Dobermans are born with their eyes closed and have creased ears. Puppies nurse at least every two hours, during which they take small amounts of milk to sustain their metabolism and growth. When the pups are three to five days old, their tails are docked and dewclaws removed. The resultant wounds are sutured. However, not all pet owners dock the tails of their pets.

At 4 weeks, the puppies can be introduced to solid food. This is when you may see "baby teeth" appearing in their mouth. Dobermans can be weaned from after they are six weeks

old, when they begin eating solids independently. They start growing taller and heavier after this phase.

Cropping of Ears

Ear cropping is a common surgery in this dog breed. It is performed by a veterinarian when the pup is seven to 10 weeks old. In this surgery, a portion of the outside part of the ears is cut off and then sutured and taped over the head. It takes about 10 days to heal. After the healing process, the ears are rolled and taped to train them to stand erect. However, ear cropping is not performed on all Dobermans, since it depends on the pet owner.

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