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It really sounds like he might be starting with a disc problem. I'm sure you are aware of the problems dachshunds have with IVDD (Intervertebral Disc Disease). It's entirely possible your dog is starting with this condition. You can read more about this here:

Unfortunately, while x-rays sometimes will show disc problems, they do not always show a disc issues. In many cases, a myelogram (x-ray with dye) or a CT scan is needed to find the area with a problem. You can read about disc problems here:

One of the first things we think of when a dog starts being hesitant to use stairs or stops jumping up is a disc issue. It can also be a few other things such as an anal gland issue, but I can't imagine your vet not checking the anal glands since it is a very common problem. A problem with the hip or knee might also cause a dog to avoid stairs and stop jumping. Many times it is just going up stairs that seems to give them problems which is what you are seeing. I would have expected your vet to catch this type of issue with the x-rays if he did x-ray those areas.

Normally with a disc injury, an antiinflammatory medication would be prescribed and strict crate rest would be recommended. I'm very glad that you now pick him up by supporting

his entire body. I would be sure that you do enforce the strict inactivity keeping him from using stairs or jumping and if possible crate him for at least a few days along with the medication. If there is still no improvement, I would have him reseen and get additional imaging done to pinpoint the problem.

If IVDD is the issue, you may want to consider surgery since the earlier it is caught the best chance the dog has of remaining mobile. This site may also help if your dog ends up needing surgery.


I hope this information is helpful and gives you some ideas on what to do next and some good sites to read up more on disc issues which are prevalent in the breed.

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