Wire haired dachshund puppies for sale

wire haired dachshund puppies for sale

1 Red Girl ,2 Red Boys And 1 Black And Tan Boy

Location: West Midlands


Posted 25/02/2015

Sometimes referred to as the sausage dog, Dachshunds are small with very long backs, a deep chest and short, muscular legs.They come in two sizes, the standard and the miniature with a short, wire and long haired variation.

He belongs to the hound group of dogs and was originally bred to ‘flush out’ rabbits and other burrow dwelling animals including badgers. A loyal and extremely brave character, don’t let the Dachshund’s size fool you. What he lacks in size he certainly makes-up for in personality.

An intelligent breed that can be difficult to train. Dachshunds know their own minds, they can be extremely stubborn and it can be difficult

for them to ignore their hunting instincts when called. With a natural distrust of strangers good socialization is paramount to avoid any aggressive or dominant behaviors from developing.

They come in a variety of colours including red, cream, black and tan, sable and bridle. The breed can be susceptible to spinal problems due to its long back and short rib cage.

Dachshunds are popular with people looking for a small ‘lap dog’ as they can live in flats and small houses quite happily if exercised daily.

They are active dogs with a surprisingly large amount of stamina. The long haired varieties need daily grooming and the wire haired ones need professionally trimming twice a year. Where as the short haired Dachshund needs no more than a rub down when dirty and the occasional bath. They are average coat shedders.

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