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English bulldogs have a lengthy history, gaining their names from the old English sport of bull baiting. Bulldogs were originally fighting dogs, but once the sport was outlawed, conscientious breeders preserved the breed, eliminating the fierce characteristics and creating a family-friendly pet.


Bulldogs come in a variety of colorations. According to the American Kennel Club specifications, coat colors are preferred in the following order: red brindle; all other brindle; solid white; solid red, fawn or fallow; piebald.

Piebald English Bulldog

Piebald is a non-symmetrical, random white pattern occurring throughout the dog's coat. Bulldogs have several variations of piebald coloring: red piebald, red brindle piebald, fawn brindle piebald, brindle piebald. This means that those colors occur as spots or "saddles" on a white background. It should be noted that a "perfect" piebald is preferable to a muddy brindle or defective solid color.


Due to the English bulldog's facial structure, these dogs are prone to snuffling, snorting and snoring. The shortened nose, standard in bulldogs, elevates the risks of overheating. These dogs should always be kept in shady places, with plenty of air circulation, to avoid respiratory difficulties.

Deafness and Coat Color


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