X ring rubber bullets

x ring rubber bullets

X-Rings, also known as Quad-Rings®, can be used in a wide variety of static and dynamic sealing applications.

The four-lobed design provides twice the sealing surface in comparison to a standard o-ring. The double-seal action requires less squeeze to maintain an effective seal. This reduction in squeeze means less friction and improved seal life.

X-Ring parting lines are between the lobes, away from the sealing surface, thus eliminating the problems of leakage often resulting from a parting line's

irregular surface as found on an O-Ring.

X-Rings are designed to outperform a standard O-Ring in rotary seal applications. The four-lobed configuration creates a more stable seal avoiding spiral twisting. This allows the use of a more narrow groove width than a standard O-Ring groove, but can also be used in a standard O-Ring groove.

X-Rings are available in standard O-Rings sizes. Please refer to our sizing chart for approximate dimensions. Please contact one of our sales consultants for details. 1-800-775-6525

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