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22 bullets

22 rimfire bullets start to finish

Since many have asked, thought I would share how I do it.

I use two sources for my cores. lead wire I bought and cores I cast from melted wheel weights. My molds are actual bullet molds with a core hole drilled in the botton of the bullet mold. Then I but the sprew cutter on the bottom. The lead wire I cut with a home made cutter my dad made or a Corbin cutter I just got. pictures hopefully will attach to this as I go.

After I collect all the rimfire cases I can I swage the rim off with a punch and die my dad made. now I have a jacket that has to be anealed.

This last batch was anealed at a temp of 800 degrees by a friend with a oven for tempering steel etc. There are many other ways to do this step, but I like to do it in bulk. Here is what the jackets look like after heating.

I swage my cores to a uniform weight using either a Herters press or my Corbin core swage dies. The herters gives me a little bigger core diameter than my current Corbin die. the cores look like this when smooshed.

It does not seem to matter weather I am using lead

wire or the cast wheelweights, when I swage the cores they all end up at pretty much the same weight. The wheel weights are harder than pure lead but I have not had any trouble seating them.

After seating the cores I am ready to put points on them. I have used many different presses to do this. I think you can make 22 cal bullets on most any decent press. Here is a picture of my little Hollywood press making a bullet.

I am sure there are better ways to do this but this is how I started making bullets to shoot at gophers and it works for me. Hope this helps anyone with questions.

Added this set of pictures to update this sticky. I started using this jig to load cores into the jackets en-mass. It is a series of Lexan Plates with holes drilled so that the jackets are held while the cores are shaken or vibrated into them. Then the plates are removed and the cores can be seated. It will usually drop about 80% of the cores with a few shakes and the rest can be installed but hand. Normally there would be an outside box to keep the cores from rolling off, but I left it off for the pictures.

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