Toy brussels griffon

toy brussels griffon

Diamond J's Maltese Puppies of Oregon

Maltese puppies for sale 1 Male Maltese and 1 Female Maltese

We only have One or Two Litters of Maltese a year. Our Litters are normally 2 to 3 pups in a litter. They place quickly.

Puppies are requested before the breeding takes place. Sometimes we have a puppy or two available.

In Most of the litters we have we both male and female Maltese Puppies born.

When submitting your contact information check with us for available at this time!

O ur Maltese puppies are AKC registered. As Maltese Breeders, we strive to provide quality healthy Maltese puppies to meet the AKC standard, with emphasis on excellent temperaments and sound minds. We believe these goals make a wonderful pet. Our beautiful little

diamonds are true treasures with silky white coats, jet black pigment, and personalities of trust and love.

Cuddle one of our Maltese puppies and they will surely melt your heart!

Call now to reserve the “love of your life”.

Maltese are worth their weight in GOLD.

We feed the best freshly baked "Healthy Pet Food" notice we do not scrimp on nutrition.

Food Supplements/Wellness "Listen Here" to what is in our Pets food.

The Supplements are what I add to our Maltese Food that builds up the our Maltese immune system strong and keeps our dogs faces perfect.

Check for the latest Recalls on Pet foods and treats website is here. Safety Health/Pet Food Recalls FDA

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