Boston Terrier Care

baby boston terrier

Boston Terrier care, or the care of any dog, includes more than just feeding, walking and an occasional bath. Your Boston will be completely dependent on you for all its care, so you'll need to decide, is a Boston Terrier right for you?

Your BT will reward you with years of unconditional love, but it IS a lifelong commitment. We know you'll want to provide your Boston with the best possible care, so we've outlined some of the basics here. The Boston Terrier was bred to be a companion dog, and they usually do well with children and other pets.

Bostons are "people dogs" that require a lot of time, attention and human contact. They quickly become part of the family, and are happiest when theyВ’re around people. So, if you're not able to be with your Boston much, they may become bored and find activities to keep them occupied like chewing, digging, biting, jumping or barking.

Boston Terriers are highly intelligent and learn quickly. Their spirited and playful nature does require some basic obedience training (or corrective training if he develops one of the undesirable habits mentioned above). The average life span for a Boston Terrier is about 10 to 14 years. He will require immunizations and regular veterinary care to ensure he doesn't have worms or develop a health problem .

You'll want to have a dog first aid kit

on hand in case he gets hurt. Can you make the time, energy and financial commitment to a Boston for the duration? Do you frequently travel? Will your BT travel with you, or will he require boarding or a pet sitter? You'll need to take steps to identify your Boston. What will you do if he gets lost.

Although Bostons have short hair, they do shed some. Are you prepared for other grooming activities such as bathing, dental care. and nail trimming? Bostons require protection from the heat and cold due to their brachycephalic (flat-faced) heads and short coats. Are you prepared for an inside dog?

Bostons are active, love to play, and require regular exercise. Do you have a secure place for him to play? Although they tend to be very loyal, Bostons love people and can easily stray if left in an unsecured area without a leash.

Good Boston Terrier care also includes proper nutrition. To help keep your dog healthy, feed her the best nutritionally balanced food that you can given your budget. And, be sure she has fresh, clean water available at all times.

Most importantly, be sure that all the members of your family are 'on board' before bringing a Boston in to the family. They should only go into a home where everyone welcomes him and cooperates in caring for him.

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