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About the Animal Shelter

Arizona Boston Terrier Rescue, Inc. (AZBTR) is an Arizona non-profit corporation dedicated to the rescue and re-homing of unwanted Boston Terriers, education of owners on responsible dog ownership, and education of the public on the Boston Terrier breed. AZBTR began life as the Rescue Committee of the Valley of the Sun Boston Terrier Club, a club founded in 1974 by a group of Boston Terrier lovers and breeders. As responsible breeders they knew that, in addition to improving and protecting the breed, it was also their obligation to help individual Bostons that needed new homes. Over the years, more and more Bostons needed help, and the Rescue Committee's operations grew to the point that it made sense to form a separate Boston Terrier rescue with the exclusive goal of helping dogs that needed new homes. Arizona Boston Terrier Rescue, Inc. was born as a free-standing non-profit corporation in 2006. Today AZBTR takes in adoptable Boston Terriers from many situations. We provide for their medical and behavioral needs, then place them in loving, permanent homes. All of our rescued dogs live with families in foster homes in Arizona. We operate statewide and occasionally take in dogs from nearby states. We do not run a shelter that you can visit. All of the rescue's operations are carried out by volunteers, most of whom have families and full-time jobs. We are very busy! The costs of the care we provide for Bostons adds up. We charge an adoption fee for each Boston, but it rarely covers all of the costs, even for a simple case. We close the gap with fundraising activities throughout the year and donations from Boston Terrier Lovers. AZBTR follows a code of ethics that requires us to operate in a lawful and responsible fashion. For example, we are committed to spay/neuter every dog before placement in a new home. AZBTR is a proud member of the Coalition of All Breed Rescue of Arizona.

Shelters Service Area

The entire state of Arizona

Adoption Process

Everyone wishing to adopt through our rescue must complete an application, downloadable from our web site. The application requests information about your situation, what sort of dog you wish to adopt, including age and behavior. We welcome applications from potential adopters who are able to love a dog with special physical or behavioral needs. No one is asked to adopt a dog with issues they cannot handle. While we usually experience a steady flow of incoming Boston Terriers needing to be re-homed, we also have a steady flow of people and families seeking to adopt a Boston Terrier through AZBTR. We file applications, more or less, in order of receipt. As we anticipate new dogs coming into our rescue, we attempt to

fulfill those applications. This is not always the case, however. Our goal is to match our dogs to the best suited homes based on the individual dog's needs. If acquiring a dog is a time sensitive issue for you or your family, rescue may not be for you. If you are willing to wait for the right rescue to come to you, you are an ideal candidate for AZBTR. It could be days, weeks, or months before we find a Boston Terrier that we feel is a good match for you. As our success rate proves, these precious dogs are well worth the wait. We carefully screen potential adoptive families, including interviewing adopters, checking references, and visiting homes. We prefer that adoptive homes have fenced yards because we do not place dogs in situations where they will be chained out or allowed to run loose. During the home visit we look for potential hazards for the Boston that the adopter may not have considered. During the interview phase, we are very interested to know about other pets potential adopters have or have had. Have they ever lost a pet or had one euthanized? Why? Do they have a history of lifetime commitment to their pets? How long will the dog be left alone each day and in what circumstances? Their answers to these questions help us understand if they have a history of long term commitment to their pets and they think carefully of the pets' well being. We want adopters to be happy with their adopted Boston, too, so we learn as much as we can about the dog's history and temperament: is he/she good with children, other dogs, cats? Everyone needs to be happy as a result of the adoption process. We are very careful about the placements we make. We do our best to match the right Boston with the right adoptive home, because we want this to be the dog's permanent home. Adopters sign a Placement Contract with us, agreeing among other things to return the dog to us if they are not able to keep it themselves. The Adoption Fee is based on the age of the Boston, as follows: Age of Boston Fee Up to 12 months $300 1-3 years $275 4-8 years $250 9 years and older $150 The Adoption Fee includes the health and ID services mentioned above. Additional medical expenses may be passed on to the adopter, based on negotiations with the adopter. We are open to discussing a lower adoption fee for senior Bostons, for adoption of more than one dog, or for adopters willing to take on a dog with an ongoing health issue. This fee schedule is in effect for Bostons adopted after June 17, 2006.

Meet the Pets

All of our adoptable dogs are in the care of foster families so we offer adoption events throughout the valley. We post these adoption events on our website.

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