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Terriers Make Great Companions

Terriers are great dogs. There are many reasons to like them. To start off, they are all small dogs for the most part. There are some obvious exceptions such as Pit Bull Terriers, but many of them are pretty small amongst the terrier dog breeds. This means that they make decent indoor dogs. Some small examples would be Scottish Terriers, Westie Terriers, and Yorkie Terriers which are one of the top 5 most popular dog breeds.

It used to be that Terriers were bred for hunting and killing vermin. Terriers are brave and tough dogs, even the small ones. This is a trait all terrier dog breeds have.  Terriers are courageous and loving at the same time. There are many terriers that are amongst the most popular dog breeds in the world. However, most all of them have a lively and sometimes hyper personality. All it takes is some training and they can become

obedient and loving dogs that make great companions. A little TLC and you can have a very sociable and well mannered dog as a companion. Certain Terriers like Jack Russel Terriers can be trained as working dogs. These dogs are all great companions and will enrich your life. Each terrier type seems to have their own distinct personality trait, but in the end, they are all wonderful dogs.

The best part is that they love it as long as you train them right and use rewards as incentive for training purposes. A harsh hand is greatly discouraged since it will only cause fear in your dog. That is why positive reinforcement is best. You can do wonders with a few dog treats and some patience. If you have one such as a Yorkie or Westie, it is fun to pamper them. Getting them a fancy bed, or a fancy collar is always fun. Then you can take them out when the weather is warm and make all the other dogs jealous.

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