The Lifebook covers BU’s nonacademic policies—everything from the rules of the residences and replacing a Terrier Card to your privacy rights and records, as well as BU’s policies related to alcohol, hazing, weapons, and sexual misconduct. BU also has academic policies, which are available on the Academic Policies page.

BU does its utmost to ensure the safety of its community and promote an engaging and secure learning environment.

Some of the language here may be strict, but it’s the mark of how seriously we take our role in fostering the well-being of all our students, faculty, and staff.

BU complies with state and federal law, but we have our own policy for students too
  • Animals on Campus Where to get a permit and penalties for falsifying one
  • Computing Ethics & Conditions of Use From guns and flammable liquids to mace and pepper spray
  • Grievance & Complaint Procedures Covering general grievances, cases of discrimination or harassment, and disability discrimination
  • Hazing Prevention & Reporting Details for what constitutes hazing and what to do if it happens
  • Jury Service

    The benefits of serving and how to arrange missed classes and more if you’re called up

  • Publications Everything from student opinion journals to school newsletters and brochures
  • Records Address changes, disciplinary records, and your privacy rights (FERPA)
  • Residential Policies Everything a BU resident needs to know, from what’s allowed in our halls to what we expect of you
  • Residential Conduct & the Judicial Process If a rule is broken or an investigation found necessary, here’s how it plays
  • Suspension & Credit Rules for credit taken outside BU while suspended
  • Terrier Card (BU ID) Where to get yours and how to replace one
  • Tolerance & Religion Showing respect for the beliefs of others is part of BU life
  • Sexual Harassment Policy What constitutes harassment—and what to do if it happens to you
  • Sexual Misconduct & the Judicial Process

    What we define as sexual misconduct, and how to prevent and eliminate any such behavior

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