Lpg bobtail

lpg bobtail

DynaHauler Half Round Barrel HR

Half Round Dump Body

The DynaHauler ® /HR is a half round dump body used primarily in paving and other material hauling applications.

DynaHauler Light Duty LDC Aluminum

Light Duty Chassis Dump Body

The DynaHauler/LDC dump body is designed for contractors, landscapers, and government agencies who need a smaller dump truck that works like a heavy-duty workhorse. It’s a great choice for road maintenance and construction applications. Rely on this dump body to provide you with many years of hard work.

DynaHauler LightWeight Crossmemberless LWC

Steel LightWeight Crossmemberless Dump Body

The Lightweight Crossmemberless (LWC) steel dump body provides a considerable weight savings over traditional side post models.

DynaHauler Medium Duty MDC Aluminum

Medium Duty Chassis Aluminum Dump Body

The MDC is a real DOT favorite, as it can be easily outfitted with snow plows and/or spreaders. Its dump body (9', 10', 11' or 12') is custom engineered for a medium duty chassis and comes with J&J's exclusive 50725, 15-ton hoist.

DynaHauler Material Hauler MH Aluminum

Material Hauler Dump Body

You can rely on the rugged DynaHauler ® /MH for all your material hauling needs. These precision-engineered truck bodies are built to withstand many years of hard material hauling use and come with many extra, ready-to-work features.

DynaHauler Material Hauler Smooth Side MH EVO

Material Hauler EVO Dump Body

J&J's EVO series material haulers are an excellent solution if you're hauling aggregates including asphalt, sand, stone, gravel or coal.

DynaHauler Roll Off Hoist ROH

Roll-off Hoist Truck

J&J roll-off cable-style hoist trucks are built for customers who transport solid waste containers to and from waste processing facilities.

DynaHauler Semi Elliptical SE

Semi-Elliptical Dump Body

The DynaHauler ® /SE is a steel semi-elliptical body designed to haul asphalt, gravel, sand, and other materials.

DynaHauler Stainless Steel Dump SSD

Stainless Steel Dump Body

The DynaHauler ® /SSD is a medium-duty, lighter weight, crossmemberless press side stainless steel dump body that's a great choice for severe weather road maintenance applications.

DynaHauler UltraLight UL

Steel Ultra Light Crossmemberless Dump Body

This multi-purpose dump body is an excellent solution for hauling asphalt today and shot rock tomorrow. Click below for more information and to see the new Ultra Light video.

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