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In the fastening world, clamp is the end game. And consistent clamp is the ultimate goal.

Despite conventional wisdom, torquing on regular nuts and bolts does not deliver consistent clamp. And when you don’t have consistent clamp, you risk bolt failure. The tightest bolt can end up doing the work of 4 or 5 bolts, and as a result, finally fail. Structural integrity is compromised.

HuckBolts, applied with direct tension, are the only way to guarantee you’ll get consistent clamp. Time after time. Huck performed

a series of tests on a variety of conventional nuts and bolts and found that even when torque is consistent, clamp isn’t. Friction, in the form of dust, heat, and other elements you don’t see, get in the way, resulting in inconsistent clamp.

So, for consistent clamp, a more secure joint, and better peace-of-mind, HuckBolts with direct tension installation are the answer. Watch the video to see for yourself. Find out why torque is cheap, and Huck is forever.

Download the Torque vs Clamp white paper

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