Bobtail fender rack

bobtail fender rack

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Hi guys,

A couple of CVO springers here. I am about to undertake my first maintence for my bike, an FXSTSSE2 in inferno orange!

There is maintenance every 2500 mi. for the Steering head bearings. I have now reached a whopping 2500 mi. since I bought the bike (used with 12065 mi. on it). I am planning an oil change and inspection/maintenance. I did purchase the service manual supplement and also looked on this site and on the web for how to grease the springer steering head bearings. I have a chrome K&N oil filter and will pick up some AMSOIL SYN3 20W50 (I ride in South Florida) for the oil change. I have a set of basic harley tools.

Can anyone share the how to for the steering head bearings grease maintenance? The H-D supplement is a bit confusing (or is it). It talks about raising the bike and pluming the front end with a string and ruler, etc. (summary). I would need a Springer Steering Head Bearing Tool (HD-47255). If I need to do all that, no problem, just need to get the right tools including a bike lift. Is there an easy way to inspect and grease the steering bearings (i.e. use a grease gun on the nipple, squirt until starts to come out, wipe excess with clean shop cloth). OR, do I need to do the bigger maintenance.

Also, rocker bearing maintenance thoughts would be cool too!

Any assistance feedback from any do-it-your-selfers CVO Springer riders would be appreciated.

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