Training bloodhound puppies

training bloodhound puppies

Kc Reg Beagle Puppies

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Posted 18/02/2015

The Beagle is a member of the hound group of dog breeds and looks similar to the foxhound. He is medium sized with a strong body, relatively floppy ears, a short, straight tail and kind expression. Bred and still used to hunt hares on foot, the Beagle has a very high prey drive and will happily track and hunt small mammals all day.

Alongside the Bloodhound and Bassett the Beagle has one of the most developed senses of smell than any other dog. His coat is short and white with tan patches across the back outlined in black. He has black eyes outlined with black hair, a black nose and a white stripe or patch down the

front of his face.

Beagles are notoriously stubborn and take a determined, strong character in order to get the best out of them. They are rarely seen in obedience trials and although Beagles can be trained, their hunting instinct is difficult to overcome and makes them liable to ignore your recall if something more interesting catches their attention. The Beagle is however, a popular breed in both the UK and America. He has a fairly happy and jolly disposition and is rarely aggressive making him a very suitable family dog.

Standing up to 40cm at the shoulder and weighing up to 10kg he needs plenty of exercise to keep him happy and to ward of obesity which the breed is prone to. Needing up to two hours exercise a day the Beagle is not a dog for the lazy.

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