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Why choose a Welsh Corgi to be the star of your ecard?

The Welsh Corgi has short legs and a stocky body, with enormous ears and a teddy bear face. Not only is the dog cute, it's known for having a happy, smart and lively nature as well. Because of this, the Corgi is a well-loved breed. One of the quirks of the Corgi is a deep-seated stubborn streak that comes out unexpectedly. Since the small creature was originally bred to be a herding dog, the Welsh Corgi requires a healthy dose of exercise each day, or the worst in the dog can be shown. That being said, the Corgi is really quite adorable, and known to make a great pet.

In e-cards, the aforementioned teddy bear face is sure to go charmingly in any ecard.

Choose a Welsh Corgi to star in your personalized ecard!

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