Big mountain dog

Bernese Mountain Dog

how big is a bernese mountain dog Bernese Mountain Dog Temperament The Bernese Mountain Dog was bred to be the farmer's companion, and today, a Bernese Mountain Dog will want to be by your side at all times. They make a great family dog, and usually single out one person in the household to be their best friend. They are loyal and devoted and will strive to please you. They are excellent with kind and gentle children. They are extremely intelligent, and are known for manipulating their humans.

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Bernese Mountain Dogs They're Big & They're Beautiful

big bernese mountain dog Perhaps you have seen these gentle giants hitched to a small cart and festooned with ribbons, or perhaps you have seen one trotting calmly beside his master. Or maybe you have yet to meet the wonderful Bernese Mountain Dog ! Bernese Mountain Dog History The origins of the Bernese Mountain Dog are not especially well documented, probably because they are an ancient breed. It is thought that the breed began to develop when the Romans came into Switzerland about two-thousand years ago.

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