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bearded collie ireland Grooming a Bearded Collie Hair type: Bearded Collies have a shaggy waterproof, double coat that hangs over the entire body, including the chin. Beardie pups are born black, blue, brown or fawn, with or without white markings and often lighten, fist fading to a light gray or cream as the dog matures. The coat colour changes several times before it reaches the adult colour. The final coat colour is somewhere between the puppy coat colour and the colour of the coat when the dog is a year old.

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bearded collie information beardie capture beardie collie dog male and female bearded collie has a height ranging from 20-22 inches (51-56cm), while for the weight (both male and bertina) about 40-60 pounds (18-27 kg. ) As the name suggests, the body covered with long hair Bearded Collie weather including the chin! The Bearded Collie is a medium sized, powerful work – herding type dog with a long slender body well proportioned.

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Bearded Collie Height: 21”- 22” Weight: 45 - 55 lbs Lifespan: 15 years Average Litter: 7 The Bearded Collie, also known as beardie is the traditional dog of the Scottich shepherd. The breed was used to herd both sheep and cattle. They are essential working dog, bred to be hardy and reliable, able to stand up to the harshest conditions, and the toughest sheep. However, they became less became less common in the last few decades but with the efforts of a relatively few shepherds the breed has survived and is becoming more popular.

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Bearded collie grooming

bearded collie grooming Are bearded Collies difficult to groom? Bearded Collies have a long double coat. This provides a challenge of sorts for grooming. So much so that many people frequently visit a professional Groomer. You can usually get some pointers from the breeder you purchased your Bearded Collie from, or from someone who owns one and has learned all the procedures and tricks. One of the best places to make some friends and get some pointers is your area Bearded Collie Club How Often do they need grooming? Some people say that Bearded Collies should be groomed twice a week.

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Bearded collie gifts

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bearded collie for sale History & Use The Bearded Collie is a medium-sized working dog of ancient origin resembling the Old English sheepdog. This shaggy-haired herding dog is one of Britain's oldest breeds. Theories place the bearded collie back to Roman times, being native to central Europe. Few early records exist. The earliest known pictures of Bearded Collies appear with nobility in the late 1700's. The breed became established in the early 1800's and achieved prominence during the Victorian age in southern Scotland.

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Bearded Collie

The bearded collie is one of Great Britain's oldest breeds and is a beloved sheep herder and family pet. Also known as the Highland collie or mountain collie, this dog is named after the long hair under the chin, giving the appearance of a beard. History and Origin The bearded collie originated in Scotland as a descendent of the Polish sheepdog, which was first introduced into Scotland in the early 1500s.

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Bearded collie dog

bearded collie dog Primary navigation Bearded Collie Description: The Bearded Collie, or Beardie as he is known to his fanciers, is a medium- sized, strong, agile herding dog with a shaggy coat and an ever-wagging tail. He is an ancestor of the Old English Sheepdog, and the family resemblance is obvious. The Beardie has a broad head and a shaggy coat all over his body, even under the chin (hence the name "Beardie").

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Bearded collie club of scotland

History of the Bearded Collie “Of MacKensie: He was a mongrel collie of the old Highland type known as ‘Beardies’, and his towzled head, not unlike an extra-shaggy Dandie Dinmont’s was set upon a body of immense length, girth and muscle. His manners were atrocious to all except his master, and local report accused him of every canine vice except worrying sheep. ” — John Buchanan, John McNab.

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