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If you are a Beardie owner and you are having problems then you should contact the breeder of your Beardie who will normally be very pleased to hear from you and more than willing to help. If for any reason you are not able to do this then please contact one of our Rescue Co-ordinators. The Co-ordinators spend a lot of time giving advice and help to Beardie owners with problems. This advice can pave the way for the most successful outcome in such situations, in which it becomes no longer necessary to consider re-homing as the only solution.

All enquiries regarding Beardie Rescue should be directed in the first instance to the Co-ordinator for the appropriate area (see below). Should he/she be unavailable, then please contact the

Rescue Administrator, Mrs Pat Wincott, by email or by phone, Tel: 0121-705-7004. Should either of these options fail, then any committee member should be able to assist. If re-homing becomes inevitable, Pat will liaise with an appropriate Co-ordinator who will hold a list of available homes.

New Co-ordinators are always welcome, as well as helpers and foster homes. Working with one of our experienced Co-ordinators will provide a very good insight into what rescue is all about. Anyone wishing to help in anyway in this vital and rewarding area of Beardie welfare, as a rescue co-ordinator, Beardie foster 'parent' or by making check visits to potential homes please contact Pat Wincott by email. or by phone at the number above.

Area co-ordinators (as at May 2013) are as follows:-

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