Where to buy an australian shepherd

where to buy an australian shepherd

Is there an airline where I can buy a seat for my dog to sit next to me?

I was just wondering, is there an airline or charter where I can buy a seat for my dog to sit next to me? She is a bit too big to go under the seat in a bag. (I already know about Pet Airways but it is for pets only)

I am looking for smaller regularly scheduled charters not usually found via the Expedia & such. Routes will probably be US-Canada, Boston-SF and maybe even NY-FL or NY-Paris.

A while back I did some "googling" and found a site that turned out to be a "rent an entire aircraft all to yourself" rather than a search of regular charters I thought it was. (They advertised NY-London-Singapore so I clicked on it out of morbid curiosity) Turns out that I could rent a 747 through

them! Wasn't sure if the price came with a pilot though

Also looked into alternate methods of travel including a transatlantic cruise crossing, but all I've been able to find are cruises where she has to be restricted to the pet deck and the pet boarding area for the entire journey and not allowed in my cabin

Even Amtrak doesn't allow your pet to be in your own private cabin on any route even cross country routes.

Just trying to find an alternative to driving and looking into the possibility of flying with her in-cabin.

After all it wasn't that long ago that Steinbeck flew F with his Standard poodle Charlie and dogs were allowed on transatlantic cruises.

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