Training your australian shepherd

training your australian shepherd

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By Aaron on January 21, 2012

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Great ideas for positive reinforcement training described in this book. It seems obvious to me that author Dan Rice loves German Shepherds; It comes across throughout the entire book.

We are getting a new German Shepherd puppy soon, and I have been reading almost anything I can get my hands on that is considered authoritative in the field of dog training (I have learned a lot from Dr. Ian Dunbar's books and videos, for example).

This book,," Training Your German Shepherd" by Dan Rice was one of the more helpful books specifically about training a German Shepherd. The information was very specific in technique and theory, and there was

a thorough background on the history of the German Shepherd Dog, as well as modern standards and practices. I found it helpful to skim past the first few chapters to get to the training techniques and theory- that part was really helpful to me.

This book was well-planned and executed. It was organized into a logical and interesting approach, with a concise writing style. It begins with an extensive background of the dog, then basic puppy obedience, and progressively offers ideas for advanced training methods for older GSD dogs. This goes way beyond other books about German Shepherds!

I would recommend it to a new puppy owner, as well as someone considering a more advanced training program. It should make a useful book for future reference.

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