German Shepherd Puppy Training

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How to Train a German Shepherd Puppy

German Shepherd puppy training should consider this breed's genetic nature: GSDs originate as a german dog breed for herding and guarding sheep. In addition, training german shepherd puppies should reflect the strength and loyalty of the german shepherd dog breed .

In other respects, german shepherd puppies training can be fairly similar to the dog training techniques of many other breeds. This article provides some specific german shepherd puppy training tips .

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How to Train German Shepherd Puppies

Firstly, how to train a german shepherd puppy should reflect its genetic preposition: You must consider the dog's intelligence, loyalty, strength, courage and protective nature when you plan to perform your own german shepherd puppy training - or you will face problems.

Training a german shepherd puppy should start as soon as you bring your puppy home, but only if your german shepherd puppy is old enough to be socialized with people and other dogs. If your puppy's behavior doesn't seem to provide sufficient indication, then 10 weeks is usually the age where you would expect that a german shepherd puppy is ready for gsd training. although it may be a bit earlier or later in some cases.

At this point, start with basic house training a puppy. Untrained German Shepherds can be quite stubborn at a young age, so it is recommended you use puppy crate training and are at home as much as possible to observe your pups and to establish familiarity. House training a puppy can take slightly longer if you have a german shepherd, but once they are broken a german shepherd puppy is extremely careful not to violate its home. When you have established these basics, start creating an environment in which you are the clear alpha leader .

You may also want to consider Clicker dog training because it works particularly well for training German Shepherd puppies too.

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Training a German Shepherd Puppy

Training german shepherd puppies not to bite or nip is easier using suitable german shepherd toys and a noticeable whining sound to demonstrate that it hurts. Don't allow your puppy to jump on the couch and never let it sleep in your bed. From early onwards a suitable german shepherd crate should be used as much as possible so that you stretch out how long your german shepherd puppy can stay alone while you are away. You do not need to change the crate as your gsd ages. Indeed, most professional dog trainers recommend to keep the same crate your german shepherd puppy is used to from an early age on.

German Shepherd puppy training should slowly move into the obedience phase between month 3 and 6, focusing on basic dog commands like lying down, sitting, staying, focusing on you, coming when called, waiting inside doors and on the street, and not pulling on the leash. More details on the more advanced German Shepherd puppy training tips can be found in the outstanding DIY dog training online course The Online Dog Trainer .

You will find that in general a German Shepherd puppy is very adept at picking up on these cues, but may not initially want to follow your lead due to its slightly stubborn nature. An upbeat attitude and consistency on your side is key, and you will have more fun with your dog than you can currently imagine!

Training German Shepherd Puppies

Because of their innate curiosity, strength and courageous nature, a German Shepherd pups will try to explore as much as possible from an early age on. Gently teach them to stop at the curb on the street, and not to chase moving objects or animals. Make sure he or she does not run away from you in public. Never take a German Shepherd pups off its leash until you are sure it will return upon being called and not run off or too far away from you.

The risks with strong dogs like GSD puppies are naturally higher than with many other and smaller breeds. Therefore, make sure your German Shepherd pups is ensured for third party damages.

Effective German Shepherd puppy training may seem a little more difficult or take longer than normal when you first get your new little friend. However, ultimately you will appreciate that a German Shepherd is among the most loyal, versatile, protective and attentive dogs you could possibly own!

However, to realize all these benefits and pleasures of owning a German Shepherd puppy. you must lay down the rules early and consistently to ensure your GSD puppies follow your instructions in the future without that daily struggle.

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