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If you can identify yourself with the following adjectives: sophisticated, ambitious and serious, then EliteSingles is definitely the best dating site for you. EliteSingles uses a sophisticated matchmaking process which helps you find the perfect match and increases the chances of finding the right partner.

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As matchmaking is at the core of EliteSingles process you will have to complete a very comprehensive and professional questionnaire. This personality test can seem pretty heavy as it is made of over 200 questions but the EliteSingles team really put themselves in their users’ shoes (ie extremely busy professionals). Indeed they made it possible for you to save your progress and come back later to complete the test. Another key aspect of this test is that you will have to give the characteristics you want your ideal partner to have.

In terms of features, you will find the standard ones that are specific to any matchmaking website. However, EliteSingles stands out from its competitors thanks to the intuitive design of its interface which makes it very easy to use. The profile search is pretty efficient because it is based on the specific criteria you defined during the test and on your personality profile. You even have the possibility to modify the characteristics you expect your future partner to have at any time. This is a good way to refine your search.

If you still have questions about how to use the site, a FAQ is available as well as a live chat.

We thought it was interesting to mention that they have an online magazine where you will find many tips and advice :)

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