Akita dogs and puppies are the biggest of the Japanese Spitz family. They’re very strong and sure, and are even in their demeanor and features. These types of dogs are very comfortable in water and are typically good at swimming given the webbing of their feet. The Akita breed of dog has a high level of intelligence, and are independent thinkers. They’re majestic creatures and when properly groomed, they are visually stunning dogs. The breed was originally created to aid in fighting and protecting against wild bears.


Atika’s are personable and loving by nature, they offer their owners great affection. The breed exerts a great deal if independent thought, making them exciting, unpredictable and surprising. Supervision is advisable when this type of dog is interacting with other smaller family members or pets as the breed is known to become aggressive with other animals or when teased. The breed can be raised as part of a family with children, but the children should be taught to love and respect the dog and never to tease or irritate it.


This breed of dog sheds about twice yearly,

they have extremely dense 2 layer coats, a softer undercoat and a waterproof outer coat. It is not recommended that owners bath this breed of dog too often as bathing removes the dogs natural waterproofing.


These dogs are known to have proplems with their vision in particular, often having problems with night blindness and inward rolling lids. Other common issues include hip dysplasia and anesthesia.


Akitas are very big dogs, however they only require a moderate excercise regime. Moderate walks, taken with a good degree of regularity should be sufficient to cater to the dogs exercise needs. These dogs are generally fine in smaller homes or flats, however it is best to have a large garden for them to run around in.


As with most dogs, Akitas need to be trained and socialised with other dogs and people from a young age. The earlier the better, and doing so will ensure you have an obedient and even tempered dog when he or she is older. Training also helps to keep the Akitas mind active, their high levels of intelligence mean they can become bored very easily.

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