Legend and history speaks of the AKITA'S unparalleled devotion. Educate yourself on this unique breed's temperament and skills.

The AKITA INU and AMERICAN AKITA are breeds of Japanese working dog. Japanese history talks of the AKITA being a descendent of the MATAGI DOG. one of the earliest native breeds in Japan. Recent DNA testings confirms the modern AKITA is one of the most ancient of dog breeds. His ancestor, the MATAGI DOG. was an agile, adept and fearless hunter, tracking wild boar, Sika deer and Asian black bear, holding them until hunters arrived to complete the kill. The AKITA was later used as a war dog up until World War II, and it wasn't until after the war he was bred for appearance, the Japanese focusing on restoring the traits and qualities of the original breed, and the American fanciers favoring the larger boned, heavier dogs that had been produced during the war. American soldiers brought the Akita to the United States, but Helen Keller was credited with introducing America to the AKITA. and much has been written of her love for these animals and how much she was impressed with his faithfulness. Only the Australian, American and Canadian clubs recognize the AKITA INU and the AMERICAN AKITA. formerly known as the GREAT JAPANESE DOG. as a single breed. New Zealand, Japanese and European clubs consider the two separate breeds.

The AKITA is an impressive canine, indeed. A medium to large sized dog, he has a massive head with erect ears, a thick full coat, with an aura of royalty and was reserved for such as he was a favored and revered companion to Kings and Emperors. He has a full double coat with a dense undercoat and thick outer coat which is waterproof and helped him to survive the harsh, fierce climate of the Northern Japanese winters. Although all coat colors and black masks are accepted in the AMERICAN AKITA. only red, fawn, sesame, brindle and pure white are acceptable in the AKITA INU. Contrasting white on the muzzle, cheeks, chest, body

and tail give him a unique appearance and is known as "Urajiro". A recessive gene causes a long coat in some pups, but is not an accepted standard in either variety. He possesses a well muscled body, and is a strong, agile creature, lending well to his early history as a coveted hunter.

The AKITA has been known throughout history for his incredible loyalty. The impressive true story of Hachiko tells of the breed's undying loyalty to their beloved counterparts. Hachiko spent nine years waiting daily at the Shibuya railway station for the return of his deceased owner until his own death. The story revived the popularity of the breed and brought him back from near extinction. He is also an affectionate creature and will demand attention and interaction. An intelligent canine, he has a strong work drive and will need activities to occupy his mind. An experienced owner is best suited for him, as he needs firm, consistent training and socialization during his early development. He has a reputation for being aggressive with smaller animals, particularly that of the same gender, but early socialization and training can curb the tendency. He also has the reputation as an excellent house animal and apartment dweller, though he is also content as an outdoor dog as well. Although adaptable to almost all living situations, he does require exercise, more to occupy his mind as his intelligent and inquisitive nature tends to leave him bored if he does not get mental stimulation, leading to some destructive behaviors. Early consistent training, interaction and socialization is a must for this breed, but he will reward you as a faithful, loving companion in the end.

An impressively loyal creature, the AKITA has forged his name and reputation in history since the earliest of times. Maybe the most loyal of canine companions, he is a beautiful animal by any standard, a sought after partner throught the ages. For those with the understanding and patience for this regal breed, he is a devoted companion, a worthy friend and as stories and legends tell, he will hold you in his heart until it beats no more.

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