Akita breeders in texas

akita breeders in texas

Welcome to the online home of our kennel, Kabuto Akitas, where our motto is "Our Akitas are members of our family until they become a member of yours." By that we mean that this website is for the owners specifically of the pets as we prefer not to place in tact dogs or puppies with anyone. Our focus is to produce fur-family members for those who believe in our breeding program which differs greatly from most kennels' goals of producing show dogs for the public. Our website is constantly under construction and is currently undergoing major updates so please check back often!

We are the Harper family; Melissa, Ben and our four legged family members more recently of Florence, Texas (just north of Austin); previously of Mesa, AZ. When we were married in 2010 we had a combined 27 years of Akita experience. Ben actually got his first Akita family member while stationed in Japan by the Navy. We met when Ben adopted Sake from Kabuto Akitas in 2009, after she was retired. Sake now lives in Tuscon, AZ as a therapy dog for her hearing impaired owner.

We rarely breed because we are quite busy as active members of Lone Star Akita Rescue. When we do, our dogs go through rigorous health screens, once they are of age, to ensure that we are breeding, not only the most beautiful, but also the BEST QUALITY PUPPIES! We display the dogs' OFA results with

links to the OFA site should anyone want to verify it. We not only screen for the minimum CHIC tests demanded for our breed (OFA hips, OFA thyroid and CERF eyes) but we also complete screenings for OFA elbows and OFA patellas, all to ensure healthy, happy puppies! Our family and friends are very hands on with mom and puppies so that they are happy, healthy and very well adjusted. I don't start breeding our females until they are approximately 2 years old, usually allowing them to have a maximum of 3 litters prior to being retired and spayed. The reason for this is to allow for them to skip cycles, as there are usually two cycles a year, between breedings to keep them healthier and allow them to live longer. Once our parent dogs retire, some are made available for adoption so that we may continue our line, keeping dogs, without sacrificing individual care to each.

I promise that I will be around for you to ask questions to throughout the life of your dog. My scores of references available to view online and comments on my Facebook page are proof of this! I want to be an information source for you as your dog develops. I want to hear about how your training is going and offer advice if I can. I want pictures of you and your dog as you grow together. A smile is worth a thousand words. I believe your dog smiles too.

Melissa Harper * 480-584-8868 *

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