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September 25, 2014 – 09:08 am

Summit Akitas (Illinois, USA)

Here at Summit Akitas you will meet Akitas that excel in many avenues: Specialty Award of Merit Winners, Best of Breed Winners, Best Puppy in Sweepstakes Winners, AKC Champions and cherished Family Companions. Always preserving stable temperament, good health, soundness and majestic look of this affectionate and almost silent breed.

Sunapee Akitas (Michigan, USA)

In 1986 I began researching Akitas for a friend, and that was the beginning of my fascination with this breed. I got my first Akitas in 1987 and they have been my main focus ever since. In that time, I have owned and/or bred or co-bred well over a dozen champions, almost ALL owner-handled to their titles.

The Twinkling Star (Belgium)

Exhibitor, fancier and future breeder of American Akitas located in Belgium.

Dayami Akitas (UK)

Dayami Akitas is a Kennel Club Accredited Breeder, you can be assured

that we have undertaken to follow basic good practise, as laid out by the scheme. It is our mission to breed well tempered, fun loving and loyal Akitas, by adhering to a strict breeding policy, we strive to ensure the good health and pleasant temperament of our Akitas.

Hanko Akitas

The genetic pool of Hanko Akitas reflects dogs able to pass every health examination recommended by Akita Club of America and many more. All Hanko breeding animals must pass OFA hips, with a good or better, and must pass a Vet exam on knees, elbows, and hocks.

Nutmeg Akitas (Connecticut, USA)

We strive for the perfect American Akita in type, soundness, and temperament. We do all required health checks, including hip x-rays and eye certification. We carefully select each parent of every litter, always with improvement in mind.

Shiojiri Akitas (Indiana, USA)

We are ethical/reputable breeders for whom Akita showing/breeding is a passion not a business. Our goal is simple. To produce sound, typey, healthy Akitas with outstanding temperaments.


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