Akita breeders alberta

akita breeders alberta

Owning and breeding this great breed is not to be entered into without careful thought and planning. Make sure that you are purchasing from a professional breeder that is going to be able to mentor and support you through the different stages of your dog's life. Please refer to our breeder's page for breeders who can assist you with your decision to consider the Akita as a breed for you.

Don't ever purchase one from a pet store or other retail outlet and be cautious of buying from people that are not members of the Canadian Kennel Club. Professional breeders have a code of ethics that they will base their breeding practices on.

A fair question to ask a breeder if you are considering buying from them is:

What is your primary reason for breeding this breed?

A reasonable answer would be that the person breeds for competition and they are replacing show stock. An unreasonable answer would be that the person breeds dogs to supplement their income.

We have put together these few pages to help you know the Akita breed a little better. We are proud to be guardians of the most magnificent, majestic breed known

to man. People often ask us what we like the most about this breed and we often reply ‘their dignity’. From puppy hood through to their senior years the Akita has a dignity that is unimaginable, unless experienced. Although somewhat aloof with strangers the Akita’s devotion to their owners is renowned. The famous story of Hacki-ko and his daily trek has touched the heart of anybody who is fortunate enough to be loved by this regal breed.

The Akita is a working breed with a strong intelligence and nature and as such should be owned by people with those same qualities.

With the right owner this breed flourishes into an ultimate companion, fulfilling your life in ways you would never imagine- but when considering this breed –choose wisely.

Research the breeders you are considering and don’t rush into a purchase. That cute cuddly puppy that looks like a bear will grow up into a dog with traits similar to its parents – make sure they have qualities that you like and can live with.

Enjoy your time with us and inquire if you have questions we haven’t answered.

The Akita Club of Alberta


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