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akita breeder

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Welcome to Magicbear Akitas, located in Royalston, MA. We have owned Akitas for over 20 years, both showing actively in the AKC conformation ring and as devoted family members! To date we have 4 Akitas here at home, ranging from 10 years old to our newest stars at 6 years old.

Our pedigrees include some of the Top Kennels seen through generations of the Akita in the United States. When breeding these wonderful dogs, we believe that a goal must be set to achieve what the Breed Standard describes. But first and foremost the Akita must be of stable temperament to accomplish their role as an active family member!

We are enthusiastic breeders within the United States, participating in many breed clubs, seminars and rescues organizations from coast to coast. We have devoted our time over the years to such clubs by volunteering our time as President, Treasurer, Board Member, Trophy Chairman, Newspaper Editor, and Region Representative. We are members in the following organizations: Akita Club of America, Squakheag Akita

Club, Garden State Akita Club, and Owner Handlers Association of America. We believe every Akita owners should play an active role in their community with education about this fantastic breed.

The Akita may not be the breed for every individual or all family situations, it is very important that you research the breed traits to conclude this is the precise breed for you and your family. It should be a breeder’s goal to place their puppies in the best-fit home possible and this is something we take very seriously. Our method is quite thorough and we do require all of our companions are sterilized in accordance with the ACA Code of Ethics. Each puppy is homed with a goal in mind, whether it is for showing/breeding, working or that loveable family companion, each puppy is placed with full contracts with guarantees.

After visiting with our dogs, if you feel you are attracted to the Akita, or just have questions, please contact us for more information about the breed and our upcoming plans. Once again, thank you for visiting and we hope you enjoy Magicbear Akitas!

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