Customer Listening

    Alasdair Dunne Nov. 19th, 2014

Interesting post by Ernan Roman on The Huffington Post about how customer listening directs marketing effectiveness.

Today customers can make sure that their voice is heard like never before.

Following are 3 ways to leverage customer listening and examples of how companies are putting these strategies into action.

3. Make Conversation (and Listening) Easy with Social Communities.

Talking and listening to customers is essential with regard to customer engagement, engaging a customer with the company. Interacting with customers on social media also plays an important role in running a successful business. Why? Keeping your customers happy improves customer retention, reduces churn, and increases sales.

Communication Integration for Customer Success

    Alasdair Dunne Nov. 5th, 2014

Insightful post by John McMalcolm on Business Review USA about how to integrate communication methods to achieve better customer success.

Google predicted that the number of smartphone users will reach two billion globally and there will be more mobile searches than desktop-based searches in 2015.

As people around the world become more reliant on mobile devices, mobile marketing will be an increasingly relevant marketing tool. There are a number of ways that you can use mobile technology to promote your business, and three of

the most popular methods are social media, text messaging and email.

Here is a look at how integrating social media, text messaging and email can be beneficial to your company….

  • Engage and Convert Customers More Easily
  • Maintain a Consistent Brand Image and Marketing Message
  • Build Closer Relationships with Your Customers

More and more people are using mobile devices to connect with businesses online. Creating a mobile marketing campaign in order to increase customer engagement, build customer relationships and promote branding requires integrating social media, email and SMS (Short Message Service) to achieve customer success.

Customer Retention Strategies

    Alasdair Dunne Oct. 14th, 2014

Interesting article by Emma Vas on Business2Community about customer retention strategies.

Customer retention is primarily driven by building rapport and deepening the relationship with your clientele. However, this doesn’t mean your approach shouldn’t be informed by a little science as well. Here are customer retention strategies that are backed by hard data and quantifiable, top-line results:

Achieving a high level of customer retention requires monitoring and analyzing your customers' data and identifying products to cross and up-sell to customers, thus generating more sales. Reducing customer churn and increasing customer acquisition should be a priority for strengthening customer relationships.

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