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adopt akita

Questionaire to Adopt Kabuto Akita Puppy

Please copy and paste in entirety and email to: ; response will generally be provided via email usually within 3 hours. NOTE: We invest much love, time and money into our furbabies and only want the absolute best homes for them and reserve the right to turn away families that we do not feel are the best fit.


Full Mailing and Physical Address:

Phone number:

Email Address:

If you are not 21 years of age, what is your DOB:

How did you hear about Kabuto Akitas?

Is anyone living in your home or about to live in you home allergic to animals?

What is your experience with pets?

Do you have any animals now?

What are they species and sex?

Are your animals current on all of their vaccinations?

Are your animals current on heartworm prevention?

Have you studied the general background of an Akita enough to have a comfort level with the understanding of how to raise a large breed, dominant dog that will be over 100 lbs?

Do you understand that if you have another dog of the same sex, especially a large dog, that when the Akita reaches maturity they may have to stay separate all of the time?

What sex Akita would you prefer? (Please keep in mind that if you already have a dog, you will more than likely need to get an Akita of opposite sex!)

How do you plan to exercise your dog? i.e. dog parks, walks, play in fenced in back yard, etc…

Are you willing to go to a general puppy obedience class? (Puppy classes are more for you than the puppy but it is a bonding experience and socialization. We would prefer that all puppy adopters complete CGC test, as well mannered and well adjusted Akitas better represent our kennel and the Akita breed.)

Are you willing to crate train?

Are you willing to purchase high quality food? (better quality means the Akita will eat less so you will spend approximately the same. usually a decent quality food is over $1 per pound)

Are you willing to purchase pet insurance? (NOTE: Many policies for puppies will reimburse you for vet visits covering all of your puppy medical fees.) )?

Who will be the primary caretaker of the Akita?

Do you have a regular vet in your area?

Do you have emergency veterinary services within a 30 mile radius of your home?

Do you intend to alter (spay/neuter) your Akita? If not, why?

Would you consider having Prophylactic Gastropexy (stomach tacking, usually completed with spay/neuter, to reduce risk of death caused by Bloat which Akitas and any other large deep chested breed are prone to - internet searches can provide much more information in addition to consulting your vet)?

Will the Akita primarily be inside or outside? If outside, what accommodations are you making for the pup?

Do you plan to take a vacation without the Akita in the next 4 four months? If so, what are your plans for the Akita?

If you plan on having children in the future, will you still be have the space for the Akita and be financially be capable of caring for them?

Is there a chance that you will be relocated or deployed and unable to take your Akita with you? If so, what will happen to them? (I ask this because of the thousands of Akitas that are turned over to shelters when their owners are sent overseas or relocated in the nation. This is avoidable if we plan in advance.)

Have you verified as needed, your own local laws regarding dog ownership, your local CCR/HOA rules, local animal control laws regarding licensing and amount of dogs you may have, BSL (Breed Specific Legislation) will allow you to acquire an Akita?

What are the names, addresses and telephone numbers of two people (at different addresses and phone numbers) that you consider your "emergency contacts". (I will be contacting them should anything happen where I have to get in touch with you, should you move. I will also call them before I let you take an Akita for their opinion.)

Any additional comments or questions?

Contract to Adopt Kabuto Akita

AKC -Limited Registration $1500 (unless you are returning to me for another pup in which case you get the same price you paid for the first one)* Full Registration RARELY GRANTED is priced individually (expect minimum of $2500 plus puppy back) if you are approved as a show home only and Melissa Harper will be listed as a co-owner on any dog/puppy placed with full registration - Shipping is $375, subject to change, shipping in continental US, Alaska and others quoted by request. Monies received are non-refundable. ("like" Kabuto Akitas on Facebook to see many pictures of our furfamily. ) All puppies are AKC limited registered, vet checked, microchipped, received Bordatella vaccine (kennel cough) and current on heartworm preventative, fenbendazaole wormings and puppy vaccines (PFizer/ Vanguard Plus 5 DHPP). Pups are dog door trained and crate training is in process before they leave. Parents are health screened through Orthopedic Foundation for Animals in: hips, elbows, patellas, thyroid and eyes. All medical and AKC paperwork is provided to puppy adopter. We welcome your visit if you are interested in meeting our Akitas and seeing what makes us different!

Once your paperwork is approved and deposit is received, you will receive a receipt and a minimum of weekly emails with pics, although it is usually done daily. As pups get older I get busier tending to them and am less able to take quite as many pictures.

AKC LIMITED registration CERTIFICATE (Note: I do restrict the registration and "Kabuto's" will be the first part of the puppy's registered name!) This will be provided once you email or mail me proof of spay or neuter in accordance with standards set by the Akita Club of America

Microchip already in pup (you can register this to your name and information with a brochure that I provide you with!)

Parents Health check from Orthopedic Foundation for Animals on Hips, Elbows, Patellas (knees), Eyes and Thyroid

Parents Pedigree with pictures as available online

Any vet records to date (pup will have it's own vaccinations up to date in addition to its mother vaccinations being up to date prior to conception.) The minimum the pup will receive (if 8 weeks old at the time of your adopting them is Bordatella and DHLPP) and up to date heartworm prevention and wormings.

Toy, baggie of food, baggie of treats, personalized bag for everything if picking up the pup at my home

If your pup is shipping to you (usually additional $375) a crate with towel, toy, food, treats, paperwork attached to crate

The ability to reach me as your puppy grows up with questions, concerns, etc.

Health Guarantee from genetic/congenital defects for one year. We offer a replacement guarantee or a refund of up to half of the purchase price with proof from your vet and ours (to be paid by the buyer) of a genetic defect. If the breeder's vet does not concur with your vet, no benefits will be paid and if any trauma or neglect is found

to be the reason for the defect, you will be turned into local animal control and the pup will be removed from your home.

CGC refund of $150 for all adoptees that acquire their AKC Canine Good Citizen Test

$50 discount for civil service - see terms below (pd, fd, emt, educator, military active duty or honorably discharged)


By signing below (or emailing) you agree to provide a loving home for the Akita pup you receive from Melissa Harper throughout it's entire life. If you are ever, at any time, unable to continue doing so or no longer wish to, you are responsible for returning the pup/dog to Melissa Harper to rehab as needed and adopt out in a suitable home. You agree that this pup will never be taken to a shelter (rescue or by municipality).

You will supply Melissa Harper with pictures (tags on Facebook or emails are fine) of your pup once you get your pup home, and at 3 months, 6 months, 9 months, 1 year and a minimum of twice yearly thereafter. If it is going to bother you that I check up on the pup as it grows up and throughout it's life, I am not the breeder for you. I expect all of my puppy adopters to maintain some level of contact with me so that I can know what is going on with the Akita. If you cannot occasionally answer an email with a picture and a few words that say the pup is doing well or if you are having an issue, what that issue is so that I can help you work through it and provide advice, then there are many backyard breeders better suited to your needs that will take your money, send your pup, and you will never have to talk to them again but I AM NOT FOR YOU - I expect you to maintain contact with me. You will keep in contact with Melissa Harper so that she can update you should any medical concerns arise. Should your address or phone number change you will provide her with the updated info within 30 days of said change.

You have studied the general background of an Akita, including but not limited to reading our Info tab on this website, enough to have a comfort level with the understanding of how to raise a pup that will be a dominant dog over 100 lbs and agree to crate train it to prepare it for success poddy training and respecting boundaries. Any crate used for potty training or short period confinement will be large enough for the Akita to stand up, lay down, and turn around without being squished into the top or sides.

You will keep a fenced backyard of fencing materials that an Akita cannot get around, over or under. Hot wire and electric or other underground fencing is not acceptable. Fencing under 5 feet is not acceptable. If your fencing does not meet these requirements, you will have your Akita on a leash or be with it at all times when in your yard. (This is not only for the safety of the Akita but to prevent it from hurting another animal that may come into your yard as Akitas are very territorial.) Your Akita will never be on a chain staked in your yard or on a chain attached to a wire run, or any other chain of any kind other than for short periods of time on camping trips etc.

Your Akita will never be in the back of a pickup truck without restraint. An adult must be with it holding the leash it is wearing or it must be in a crate. Your Akita will not be in the front passenger seat of your vehicle, unless you can turn off the passenger seat airbag, as it can kill your Akita on impact. Your Akita will not be walked off-lead (without a leash) in public.

You agree to provide veterinary care as needed including but not limited to the rest of its puppy shots, annual vaccine boosters, rabies vaccines and other care as needed. If you are in rattlesnake prone areas you will provide anti-venom treatments as recommended by your vet. You will also keep the pup on heartworm preventative throughout the life of the Akita. You agree to provide Prophylactic Gastropexy during the time of spay/neuter (no sooner than 6 months and before the pup turns a year old) if your vet can accommadate this type of surgery to reduce the risk of death from Gastric Torsion (Bloat) and will provide proof of the above to Melissa Harper prior to receiving AKC limited registration papers. Please do not lose them, AKC will charge you a fee of $25 for an additional form.

You will maintain homeowners insurance that allows for Akitas and covers them *some are breed specific.

NOTE: Puppies will be held until they are eight weeks old. If the remainder amount amount is not received, the breeder will attempt to contact the purchaser three times. At this time, if the breeder is unable to make contact with the purchaser, the purchasers rights to the pup will be forfeited; the deposit will not be refunded. Puppies that are being picked up can usually leave around 7 weeks. If your puppy is flying, it must be a minimum of 8 weeks old to board aircraft. We know you are excited to get your pup so we try to board him that day.

If this contract must be enforced, it will be in the county where the kennel is currently located. All expenses and/or attorney's fees related to the enforcement of this contract are to be paid by the buyer. NOTE: Not abiding buy all terms of this contract voids the health guarantee as well as may result in the removal of the pup from your property and/or reporting to proper authorities of your locality.

You agree to hold Kabuto Akitas/ Melissa Harper, and the parent dogs harmless once your Akita is purchased. No member of Kabuto Akitas, canine or human can be held accountable for behavioral issues once the dog leaves our premises. You agree that if, at any time, your Akita gets out of your control, you will return it to keep it away from potentially dangerous situations. ***No Akita will be sold with a temperament problem and all are temperament tested prior to leaving. No parent dogs are bred with temperament issues. Temperament issues are more a result of nurture than nature. You will socialize your pup and maintain a healthy growing and learning environment to avoid such issues an prepare to take the AKC Canine Good Citizen test while attending training classes. When you provide proof to Melissa Harper that your pup has passed the AKC Canine Good Citizen Test, you will be refunded $150 of your purchase price. You understand this and agree to take proper precautions when your Akita is in the public such as muzzling at vet visits or anywhere else where the Akita may come in contact with other dogs if your dog becomes anti-social. You will socialize your pup and maintain a healthy growing and learning environment to avoid such issues.***

Purchaser Date

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