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The Airedale Terrier is a breed of dog belonging to the terrier breeds. The dog breed, also referred to as the “King of Terriers” for it is the largest among the terriers breeds originated in the Airedale Valley (also sometimes referred to as Aire Valley) of Yorkshire, England. This breed was created when a rough-coated Black and Tan Terrier was bred with an Otterhound type. This was done to create an ideal working and sporting dog that could catch rats and otters between the Airedale and Wharfe River region. The breed is very intelligent, confident, outgoing and also possesses great playful streak. These qualities have enabled the breed to be used as police dogs in the United Kingdom.

Body type

Airedales terrier generally has a slightly longer body. The males can grow up to 23 inches tall and weigh 50 to 70 pounds. The females are slightly shorter when compared to the males and weigh up to 40 to 55 pounds. In some places, the Airedales tail is normally docked within the five days of birth thus have shorter tails. However, where no docking is done, the tail is long though not curled on the back. The breed has strong legs and stamina thus normally stands upright. They also have sturdy waist and ribs that are slightly bent but not round.


Airedale Terrier has a handsome coat made of two layers. The outer layer of the coat is more dense, hard and wiry while the undercoat is generally short and soft. Their coat is not meant to be so long as this makes them appear ragged. The coat normally lies close and straight thus covering the body as well as the legs. The breed is not known to extremely shed off the coat but may shed during certain times. However, regular brushing should be done about once to twice a week to keep the coat in good condition. Periodic bathing should also be considered. It is important to note that over-bathing normally softens the coarse coat of the terrier thus is not recommended.


Most of the breed has specific coat combination with the majority having tan coat especially on the legs, ears, underbelly as

well as head and in some cases shoulders. The upper sides and back normally may be black or grizzled i.e. black generally mixed with white and gray. Sometimes there is a presence of speckling red on the back and also some small white star around or on the chest area.


Airedales is a reliable watchdog that normally takes pride when it comes to protecting his family. It is normally a fierce guardian but very friendly when it comes to his friends and family. Its temperament is generally affected by various factors such as training, heredity and socialization. Puppies having good temperaments are very playful and curious thus will approach people and enjoy being held by them. Socialization and exposing the dog to different people, sounds sites and experiences can also help improve the temperaments of the dog. It also help the puppy to grow up to be an all round dog.

Tasty Tidbits

Generally, the Airedale requires no trimming but in most cases, owners usually have them groomed three or four times in a year. This should be done by a professional groomer to ensure the dog has a neat appearance since the breed has thick, unruly and curled coat when left untrimmed. This can be done using clippers, a stripping knife (sharp comb-like tool) or can be done using a combination of the two. When grooming the Airedales, it is also important to check for rashes, sores, or any signs of infection including inflammation and tenderness of the skin, in the mouth, nose, eyes and on the feet. The Airedales also normally require periodic teeth cleaning and pruning and trimming of the nails.

The Airedale Terrier breed is regarded as a hard working dog and posses the stamina as well as energy that enables that. Since it is more of a sporting breed, it requires regular exercise with at least one walk in a day but two walks a day is highly recommended. A good romp especially in the backyard is also good for the dog. Airedale can provide a good jogging company and also loves to play, retrieve things and has a natural digging inclination. It also enjoys chasing smaller animals and barking. The breed is also good with children.

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