How much does an airedale terrier cost

how much does an airedale terrier cost

Clipping your Airedale

Some breeders and handlers may object to this, but in my opinion, if an Airedale is not entering the show ring, and neither you nor the dog enjoy stripping the coat, then by all means use clippers to keep him looking neat. What follows is an attempt to instruct you in a quick and easy way to groom your own dog, if you so desire.

Grooming charges for an Airedale seem to run between 35 and 75 dollars, depending on locale, condition of the coat, and/or if any stripping at all is done. A clipped coat is USUALLY lighter and softer than a stripped one, and does not repel dirt and water as well. However, for some dogs and people it is preferable to the dog spending long hours on the grooming table and the groomer developing blisters and callouses.

Your grooming equipment will cost you as much as you want to spend, but you can get your equipment at discount pet supply stores and from the many catalogs available. I live near Care-A-Lot Pet

Supply Warehouse so of course I do all my shopping there. The owners are also supporters of Airedale Rescue. You can purchase as much or as little as you like. Start out with the basics and add to your equipment as time goes on. The items with a * I personally consider a necessity for the grooming the Pet Airedale. An important thing to remember is that although these items may cost a bit in the beginning, they are actually an investment, and you will find that the quality scissors, brushes and combs will outlast the inexpensive ones and be less troublesome to use.

Treatments for “Clipper Burn”


A&D ointment,


a layer of cortisone ointment and another of Neosporin. The cortisone treats the itch/inflammation and the Neosporin treats any infection. Works great for hot spots also.

After applying keep the dog distracted for 10-15 minutes until the cortizone has time to relieve the irritation.

I prefer Neosporin with Pain Reliever…. to the cortizone.

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