Airedale Terrier Dog Haircut Grooming Hair Cut

Instructions for Grooming a Airedale Terrier: Start by using blade number 10 to cut the head zone starting from the eyebrows until the back of the neck including the inside and outside of the ears. Shave one-third part of the external part of the eyebrows (very careful with the eyelid!) and continue down to the cheek. Use the machine to do the throat and the inside of the jaw up to the lips. Next use the trimmer to do the back of the dog starting from the cross to where the tail begins. The tail will be done can be done with the trimmer or the serrated scissors. Continue down towards the sides until the very bottom leaving only some hair dangling on the chest. Pull the hair out with the thin trimmer or use a machine starting from the posterior part of the ear to the back of the shoulder blade allowing the shoulder to be seen down to theleg. The same will be done with the throat, the front part of the chest, allowing only a little hair in between the extremities. Do a trimming

starting from the middle of the thighs until the tip of the hock. Flatten the buttocks by using the electric trimmer or the serrated scissors. Even out the connected lines between the shorter areas and longer areas by using the serrated scissors. Use the electric trimmer to cut the hair of the abdomen (blade number 10) as well as on the inferior parts of the paws (use number 7/8). Cut the nails and pluck the hair in the ears. Very carefully cut the contour of the ears with the straight scissors. Use the curved scissors to even out the posterior part of the legs. Even out the posterior part of the thighs with the front. Cut the "pants" of the front legs with the straight scissors and the contour of the paws. Cut all the uneven hairs that were left on the chest and the front paws. Brush the hair on the head front wards, even out the eyebrows obliquely (so that they are not sticking out on the sides) and then cut the head area square with the straight scissors. Trim and even out the beard.

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