Bradford and Airedale NHS offers advice on No Smoking Day

No Smoking Day

Thousands of smokers in the Bradford district are being encouraged to take the leap to a smoke-free life on No Smoking Day.

Bradford and Airedale’s NHS stop smoking service is preparing to support people on Wednesday, to help increase their chances of success.

Staff from the service will be in Centenary Square, Bradford, and Asda’s pharmacy in Keighley, from 10am to 3pm, to talk to smokers about their habit and highlight the help and advice available to them.

Smokers visiting Centenary Square will have the opportunity to take part in one-to-one consultations, carbon monoxide, blood pressure and lung tests and other interactive sessions.

Bradford Bulls players will also be on hand offering their support. Members of the team want to speak to quitters about their experiences as a way to encourage others to stop.

Amanda Bailey, stop smoking advisor, said: “Each year, more than a million people quit smoking on No Smoking Day and our local figures show that smokers who access NHS stop smoking services to quit are four times more likely to succeed than those who try to do it on their own.

“More than 3,000 people in Bradford and Airedale stopped smoking last year, but we know approximately 21 per cent of our local population still smoke. It is vital we try to reach as many smokers as possible on No Smoking Day and help them take the leap.

“We know not everyone succeeds first time and our non-judgmental, friendly advisors are available to support people’s needs. We have lots of clinics taking place daily

across the district for those that cannot make it on the day.”

Emma Peel has not smoked a cigarette since January 5.

If she is having a stressful day and feels tempted to buy a packet, the 28-year-old hears an angry voice in her head saying “don’t do it!”

The voice she hears is that of her five-year-old son Kieron Brophy, who is the inspiration behind her decision to quit smoking.

Kieron, a pupil at Woodside Primary School, has nagged his mum to quit ever since he turned four, so when Emma received a message from school telling her about a stop smoking clinic at Woodside Children’s Centre she decided to attend.

At first she used a Nicorette inhalator and nicotine patches, but after discovering she was allergic to the patches and disliked the taste of the inhalator, she used sheer will power.

After three months the benefits of not smoking are clear.

She said. “I am determined this time. I have money in my pocket. I am hoping to go to Blackpool in a couple of months and I can treat my son every week. He is getting new clothes and toys and going out for tea most weeks.

“He is also seeing a healthy me. We play on the Wii and before I was out of breath all the time and now I can play for hours.”

Emma has inspired three friends to attend the clinic and hopes to persuade even more family and friends to follow her lead.

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