Airedale Training

airedale training

Training and Temperament of the Airedale

Airedale Terriers usually do well with children once they have early socialization, but they may play a bit too rough for young children. Brave and protective. Usually friendly with strangers. Both intelligent and loyal. They can be obedience trained to a good level.

Airedales are very loyal, but as a determined hunter you would have to be a brilliant trainer to get him away from a cat even for a steak! They are lively and can become angry or upset if they do not receive enough mental and physical exercise. The Airedale needs proper obedience training and an owner who knows how to be "Top Dog".

The Airedale Terrier will sometimes show dominance challenges towards his family members he sees as submissive. This can and usually does lead to disobedience. The Airedale Terrier needs some variety to its training, making the exercise a challenge. They need a firm, confident and consistent handler who is calm.

The Airedale Terrier usually gets on well with cats and other animals, but they can try to dominate other dogs. A lot of this depends on the way the owners treat him, the training he receives and the individual dog’s temperament.

The reason we are so successful training dogs.

Remember using the above as a starting point, we will asses all dogs we train and then according to their breed traits and individual temperaments/drives we will design a personal training programme for them, then by using different motivators for each personality/temperament, we will produce the same result, which is a well trained obedient dog.

Even puppies from the same litter will all have different temperaments so will

require differing techniques for obtaining the desired results.

Exercise of the Airedale

Airedale Terriers were bred to be active and work hard, and therefore need lots and lots of exercise. Ideally they should be taken for long daily walks. You will find most of them love playing with balls, swimming, and retrieving objects. Without attention and exercise the Airedale can become restless will get bored and will get into trouble.

Obedience commands taught on the course

Week 1.

In the first week we train the basic dog commands of heel (walking on the leash without pulling) sit,down,stay and come, we also start towards advanced training commands ie 1. The automatic sit, this is where your dog will sit whenever you stop walking, 2. Down from distance, your dog will go into the down position from up to 20ft away and hold the position until you release him/her, and 3. to jump up only when called up and when commanded "off" will sit beside you. Both verbal and hand signals are taught. All these commands are taught in the presence of other dogs.

Week 2.

In week 2 we bring your dog to our local park everyday where we will carry out all the commands taught in week 1. This is much more difficult for the dog as there will be real life distractions ie other dogs and people walking about.

In this way we can do what we call proof the commands.It is one thing to train a dog in the quiet of a training field, hall or other sterile area and another to train him in an everyday environment.


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