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airedale terrier rescue dogs

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Wags and Purrs Animal Adoption Center a puppy but will make a great pet. I must be kept inside untill I get older. Hi I am Trevor I am about 2 years old and an Airedale

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New List of Popular Breeds for 2006 Here is a list of ALL AKC Breeds by Registry Numbers. Note AKC is not the only registry in town. UKC is gaining members as AKC is loosing them. When John Q. Public discovers that UKC is a good registry expect more and more breeders to go for at least dual registry.

Here is page 2 of PetPlace BTW I realllly like that site. Run by a Vet. Has some good advice on adopting a dog, housetraining, etc. Great resource to pull from.

I must admit data entry on correct verticals

spacing somewhat of a challenge when going from subheads to normal. I managed thru lots of iterations getting the spacing right on Scottish Terriers.

Another aside. I feel really sorry for the Top Ten in Popularities. Poor Labs are suffering of some pretty bad hereditary and deformiities now that there are so many breeders out there. Yorkies are getting in major trouble. One of the A-1 Terriers has Yorkies and is highly involved in rescue. She cries for them. They are really suffering for their popularity.

In the reverse dogs not in much numbers suffer because their gene pool is depressed by not enough diversiity. Take our poor Scotties. Note too that the number AKC bases their most populars are from litter registries. Scotties for instance are highly monopolized by a few of conformaition breeders who control limited registration and keep full registration for their dogs or their buddies dogs. So the number is really deceptive. Scotties in the main sadly are difficult for us regular type folks to locate.

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