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Airedale Terrier Photo Gallery – Pictures Of Airedale Terriers!

The Airedale Terrier originated in England and has earned itself the nickname “King Of The Terriers”, due to it’s large size.  It is actually the second largest of the terrier breeds, with the largest being the Black Russian Terrier .  The Airedale can range in size from 45 to 100 lbs!  The larger variety of this breed are known as “Oorang Airedales”.

Photo by davidrollitt

The Airedale has a curly, wiry coat that is low shedding .  They do need to be stripped (a process where a blade is used to remove dead hair) as a part of their grooming process.

Photo by Bogart Handsome Devil

Airedales are extremely intelligent and often have a mind of their own.  When they have their mind set on doing something, it is almost impossible to convince them otherwise.  Training an Airedale takes patience and total consistency.  These dogs need creative thinkers who make learning fun in order to keep them engaged.

Airedales are a breed that need a great deal of physical activity.  They can and will keep up with

the most active of lifestyles!  As seen in the photo above, most members of this breed like to swim and retrieve.  Once trained, they also excel in obedience and agility .

The Airedale Terrier will generally do well with older children. but may be a bit too energetic for smaller ones.  They are usually friendly with strangers they meet while out and about, but are wonderful, natural guard dogs.

Airedales are not ideal dogs for apartment life .  They are best suited for homes that have a fenced in yard where they are able to run around multiple times per day.  This doesn’t mean that they will not need long walks as well as other forms of stimulation too!

Airedales are prone to bloat, a deadly condition where the stomach flips.  Please read more about this if you are interested in this  breed.

Photo by kristofsaelen

While Airedales can be a bit dominant by nature, they generally get along well with other animals, including cats.  Introductions should always be done slowly and carefully.

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