Airedale terrier mix

airedale terrier mix



Playing (frisbee, ball, tug-of-war, Igonnagetit, hide and seek, chase, fetch), herding anything that moves, eating, being petted and hugged, running, swimming, going in the car, sniffing, going on walks, doing tricks, being cute


The color black, tall people, new people, mean people, fleas

Favorite Toy:

I have lots of toys, and they're all good. I like the ones that smell. but the two BEST toys are the frisbee and tennis ball! I only get to play with them when Mommy lets me, but that's ok.

Favorite Food:

I eat Nutro Max, but I get lots of treats from people! I like peanut butter bones the very best!

Favorite Walk:

I like going to the beach the best, because I can run and dig holes! But I like going on any walk, especially where there are cats, and I like to go in the car!

Best Tricks:

I know lots of tricks, but my favorite are crawl, sit pretty, (beg) hop and the best - Are you sorry? That's where I lie down real fast and cover my eyes with one paw. ^_^

Arrival Story:

One day I was at the pound and I didn't

like it there. I was real little then and I was bored. I see this girl and she comes over and makes cooing noises and I like her. I try to look cute and wag my tail at her. I was really sad when she went away; I wanted to go with her! But then she came back with a taller person and I looked cute for her too. I liked her. She was Mommy, I just didn't know it yet then. They picked me up and made cooing noises at me and I was happy. But they put me down again and I was even sadder. But they came back, picked me up and took me outside! Then we went in the car and went home. Then I met Daddy and Turbo and Iris! I was happy all the time after that.


I'm Dori, and I'm fuzzy and cute. I like to be with my family more than anything in the world. I'm a really friendly dog, but I'm skiddish of strangers. I'm a good watch dog, though. I can bark really loud and wake the whole house up if i see a cat run through or a people walk by! Sometimes they like that and sometimes not. I haven't figured that out. I used to live in Alabama, but now I live in Hawaii!

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Dori is very afraid of some people, like tall men, black cloths or hats. We think that she must have been abused or frightened by a man like this. We're glad we found her!

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