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Airedale Terrier - Originated in Yorkshire in the early 19th century when the working men in the Leeds area crossed the Welsh Terrier with the Otterhound, producing a very versatile Terrier.

  • The Airedale Terrier was

    originated in Airedale in Yorkshire in the early 19th Century

  • Bred from the Welsh Terrier and the Otterhound
  • Has also been called a Waterside Terrier because it originally hunted Otters
  • Has been used as a Police Dog in the UK
  • They are the largest British Terriers
  • Average weight is 25 - 30 kilograms (55-66lb)
  • Average height is 58 - 61cm (23-24in)
  • They have a medium length black and tan coat with a harsh top coat and soft undercoat
  • With regular grooming these dogs will shed very little
  • They are not agressive dogs, but they are fearless
  • Have been used as working or hunting dogs because they have herding characteristics
  • If trained correctly Airedale Terriers can be an excellent choice for a family dog
  • They are intelligent, independent, strong minded, full of curiosity with a good attitude
  • Can sometimes be stubborn
  • Have an average lifespan of 11.5 years

Noteable Airedale Terriers

  • Paddy the Wanderer
  • Laddie Boy

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