Airedale terrier dog

airedale terrier dog


The Airedale is a man made breed during the 1800's and were used for hunting Otter and Water rats, he is the product of a cross between an Otterhound and the now extinct Old English Black & Tan Terrier, which after some research it was found to be the very early Welsh Terrier.

He is the largest of the Terrier breeds as is known as The King Of Terriers.

He is an excellent guard dog, who will NOT go out and attack anyone who comes into the garden as some other breeds do. but rather he will bark to let his owners know that there is someone there, and will stand and stare at the stranger, tail up with a barely perceptible wag.

He is a wonderful child's playmate, taking no offence if play gets a little rough. But as in all breeds of dog, the child MUST be taught to respect

any dog. (In other words Train Your Child".)

STUBBORN. Oh yes, but so are all people of character.

LOYAL. Yes to the death if necessary


CLOWNS & ENTERTAINERS. Without a doubt.

WATCH DOG. The very best!


If you are "Houseproud" or have an immaculate garden, then I don't think the Airedale is for you, they are Terriers, they never grow up, and can be very boisterous when puppies.

But if you don't mind the odd hole being dug in your flower bed, or having muddy paws on your white tiles, then yes he could be the dog for you.

You can provide him with a patch of his own to dig in, bury bones and treat there and she will get to know that this is HIS patch.

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