Airedale terrier club of america

airedale terrier club of america

Survey Intro and Dog Description I

The Airedale Terrier Club of America would like you to participate in a survey to evaluate changes in the health of our breed from the first survey that was conducted 10 years ago. We are planning to conduct a total of 3 surveys over the next year. This first survey is a broad evaluation of health issues, with follow-up surveys narrowing the categories and probing deeper into issues identified in the first survey. Assembling and analyzing the data produced by this survey will contribute significantly to our breed by functioning as a guide for intelligent breeding, training and socialization, and helping us to maintain and improve the health of our breed.

Participating in the survey is limited by nothing other than “I own an Airedale.” Please complete the survey for each dog, living or deceased, that you have owned for at least one year since 2001. You will find that completing the survey goes quickly. Also, you do not have to respond for all of your dogs at the same time.

Because we in the dog world are often sensitive or defensive about health information, it is important to emphasize that you can respond to the survey with complete confidence that you and your responses are completely anonymous. You will note that you are never asked for your name or your e-mail address or your dog's name, and that there is no way to link your responses back to you. Your responses go directly to Survey Monkey, a firm that provides online survey and data analysis services. As soon as they are received your responses are assigned a case number that cannot be linked to you in any way. Thus,

there is simply no way to connect your responses to you.

As this is a broad survey, some areas will allow only one answer even though there are multiple choices for the question. If the dog has multiple problems under a specific health issue heading, please select the diagnosis that was most problematic. At the end of the survey you will have the opportunity to add additional health issues or other comments that were not included in this survey. The additional information that you may supply will help to form the focus of follow-up surveys.

As you proceed through the survey, please give each question your careful consideration. If you know that your dog(s) had health issues, but you don’t know “exactly” what problems they had, you might check with your veterinarian before starting the survey to see if your vet can provide you with specific diagnoses for your dog’s health problems. As you go through the survey, if you are not sure of an answer, it is best to respond with the "don't know" or the "other" option rather than a guess.

The ATCA Health Committee thanks you in advance for your time and consideration. Because we would like to obtain data from Airedalers everywhere in the world, we would appreciate it if you would help us spread the word by forwarding our survey link to all Airedale people you know.


This survey, both format and questions, and all data collected from this and subsequent surveys are approved by and are the sole property of the Airedale Terrier Club of America

1. What is the sex of your dog?

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