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The Airedale Terrier is the largest and hardiest of all the terriers and, as an all round useful dog, has no superior. "The King of the Terriers" is versatile enough to track down a cougar one day, tend the baby the next and pull a dogsled the third. Though originally bred to be a sportsman's dog, it has much appeal for suburban living, with its no shed hypoallergenic coat and medium size build.

It is generally conceded that the Airedale had its origin in the valley of the Aire in England. The now extinct old English terrier had the nerve and fire for dry land hunting, but was lacking the "nose" and too, did not have a coat that was water repellent enough for water work. A cross between this terrier and the Otterhound was the solution to the problem of obtaining a satisfactory all purpose dog. These ancestors of our present day Airedales were known as Waterside Terriers. It was in 1879 that classes for Airedale Terriers, as such, were provided at shows. The Airedale Terrier became known as the original "3 in 1 dog". This means that they could hunt feathers,

retrieve waterfowl and track fur of any type. With these additions to the definition of the Airedale Terrier we now have a dog who can do it all!

The Airedale Terrier is a medium sized dog. AKC Breed Standards states that they should measure approximately 23 inches in height at the shoulder, with the bitches slightly less. Both sexes should be sturdy, well muscled and boned. All Airedales are black and tan, with only slight variations of shades allowed. They have a hard, wiry outercoat and a softer wooly undercoat. The Airedale coat grows vigorously. For maximum stylish effect for the show ring, the coat is hand-stripped and shaped. Many pet owners prefer to clipper for neatness. Routinely combing out the undercoat keeps the breed non-shedding and clean in the house.

The Airedale by nature is interested, intelligent and inquisitive. He has the dignity and steadiness that sets him apart from some of his yappier, scrappier cousins. The modern Airedale is confident, unafraid of people and other animals, but is not a combative breed. Slow to anger, but brave in nature, "The Airedale doesn't start fights, he finishes them."

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