Airedale terrier art

airedale terrier art

Ajman is the smallest of the United Arab Emirates. It is immediately to the north of and mostly surrounded by Sharjah. Like most of the country, Ajman is in the process of changes which amount to a transformation. The central area is rapidly being modernized and it is clear that Ajman has no intention of being left behind the other Emirates. It is here that the Victory speedboats are built and Ajman is determined to enjoy a share of the United Arab Emirates' victories for itself.

Airedale Terrier Ajman Stamp. $5.95 each

When I first saw this stamp I wasn't impressed. Now, however, I truly like this picture. It has a lot to offer in the image of the Airedale.

The collapse of the Soviet Union has created a gold mine for stamp collectors. The local governments have issued some wonderful stamps in an effort to sell them to the world market

and not even have to provide the associated service of mailing letters with them. This is a real boon when you see the number of Russian stamps issued below. Altai is also from the Russian block and is in south-east Western Siberia. It was noted as the largest agricultural producer in the Soviet Union.

This is a fairly recent stamp put out by the Caribbean Island nation of Antigua and Barbuda. Antigua & Barbuda are a pair of sister islands in the north east Caribbean that became a nation when Great Britain "gave them their freedom." The two islands are not always at ease with each other since Barbuda contains 40% of the land but only 10% of the people and they prefer to not be developed by outsiders. In 1994, they put out two sets of stamps in honor of The Year of the Dog. There were 12 large breeds and 12 small breeds. This lovely Airdale was in the set of large breeds.

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