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Molly is rescued

Priscilla Lundblad of ATRA (AIREDALE TERRIER


Molly was picked up by animal control during a big storm.

She was running the streets while holding up her rear leg most of the time.

She was matted & covered with burrs. and she was alone & frightened.

After being transferred from shelter to shelter,

ATRA was contacted and asked to take Molly.

They told us that something was wrong with her rear leg.

We immediately put the wheels in motion to rescue her.

Molly feels safe in her foster home

I'm soooo sleepy.

Once in rescue, Molly was taken to the vet for an exam and x-ray.

Besides a terrible skin infection with open sores,

Molly was diagnosed with a pelvis that was fractured in multiple locations.

Who would have thought a dog so sweet &

loving as she is -

always giving little kisses - would be in so much pain?!

Not once did she cry out or show any sign of pain other than not using her leg!

A decision needed to be made quickly.

The fracture would require surgical repair as soon as possible.

After contacting ATRA board members,

In the waiting room and on her way to the exam room,

Molly was busy giving kisses to every human & dog

(even a Great Dane got a kiss!).

Surgery was scheduled to repair her pelvis.

The surgeon called following the surgery and said it was a success!

Now Molly needs to heal and learn to use her leg again

with the help of her most generous caregivers, Andy & Susi Harter.

Molly first time up after surgery,

While she was in recovery,

Molly quickly won over the hospital staff,

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