Airedale rescue

Serving Pennsylvania, Delaware, and New Jersey

Airedales are very high-maintenance animals.

Airedales are 50+ pounds of attitude. They are smart and curious dogs. If it bothers you to be outwitted by a dog every now and then, don't get an Airedale. If you want a dog you can control completely, one who will lay quietly at your side and never question your judgement, you should definitely consider another breed.

Obviously, we love Airedales and are dedicated to their well-being. Since we are Airedale people, we can't imagine life without one. But we also realize that Airedales are not for everyone. Often, people who think they want an Airedale really don't. These people are attracted to the dog because of its looks, but they do not realize the work involved in maintaining such an intelligent, high-energy animal.

That is why we want to be as honest as possible with

you and we hope that you will be honest with us. Especially if you have never owned an Airedale before, please hear us out with an open mind.

Why does it take so long?

Yes, it will take longer to get a dog from ARADV, and sometimes we may never have a dog that fits your profile. This is not a reflection on you. It's not because we think you're a bad home, or that you wouldn't love your pet. It's just that w know all too well the heartache for everyone when a placement does not work, and we wish to spare you, and the dog, this pain.

Please bear in mind, we find home for Airedales who no longer have one. This is not quite the same thing as finding Airedales for those who want them. Our abiding concern is for the dog. Our goal is placing our dogs in forever homes.

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